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Free Mcdonalds all day er day
This Method may or maynot work for other Fast Food places.
2.A female voice, or female partner.

Now lets get started. First call up your local McDs, (Best around lunch rush)
Tell them you had an order of (tell them what you want to eat), and that it got messed up and was completely wrong, and that you are now unable to have your order fixed. They probably ask for some information to send you a coupon or a voucher for your next order, tell them you have a son/daughter (who ever is doing the call) that can pick up the food and bring it to work for you. They will allow you to come in and fix the order.

I did this once and it didn't work, but I was sure the method was full proof so I decided to try another McDs. I had the girl I was with at the time do it exactly as described and it worked. We have done this 5 times so far and it worked everytime.
Good Luck.

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