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Newbies Guide To Decryption/Encryption
Note: You will always be given the 'Password' to decrypt


And how it was 'Encrypted';

BASE-64 --> HAZZ-15 --> ZARA-128 --> TRIPO-5 --> ZONG22

Firstly, the reason users add protection to their downloadable files is because it stops people who are leachers. When such people download the files, they are generally the first to upload it to VirusTotal or a similar site. Concequently this would result in the file being detected in no time at all, making it useless. Thus if you are new or are a leacher please don't do anything to sabotage others work.

Now on to the Tute. To decrypt a given password, you need to;
Step 1) Go to
Step 2) Scroll down to 'Decrypt online message'
Step 3) When decrypting you go from back to front. So, while looking at 'Decrypt online message', click on ZONG22, paste the password and click decrypt.
Step 4) Now copy the new password and scroll down to the next encryption type - TRIPO-5.
Step 5) Repeat till you get to the final encryption type - BASE-64
[Image: 362f1810.gif]
Nice tut bro,but there is a many encrypt and decrypt tool out there we dont need to wasting by going to,,,,hehe,
[Image: deceptionorangeoverlay.png]

pls list them so that i can download it thanks

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